Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Annual Free Book Fair

Selection of conventional books from the Language Arts book fair 

One of the highlights of our annual Language Arts Conference is the free book fair. The guys are always excited to obtain free books that they choose from our selection.

Building on some of the lessons from last year, I included visual books (comic books and books with photographs), along with what might be viewed as conventional books. The guys got the chance to select at least one "regular" book and one visual book.

Similar to years past, I made sure to include The Autobiography of Malcolm X. For various reasons, several high school black boys are often intrigued by Malcolm. The copies of Malcolm's autobiography are always gone by the end of the fair.

I included a variety of visual books in the fair.  Some were comic books. Some were illustrated books about rap and basketball. And one was a book of comic strips. I also included a book featuring photography.

The guys seemed to really enjoy the visual images in the books. They were flipping through and discussing the books after making their selections. 

Language Arts Conference, Spring 2019

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