Monday, April 22, 2019

Building audio mixes with creative writers

Student working on audio mix

One of our longer term goals for our East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club is to build audio compositions based on a series of stories. For the stories so far, I enlisted the help of two creative writers -- Professor Geoff Schmidt and graduate student Christiana McClain. They began creating two separate, related stories that have an East St. Louis setting.

For the last couple of weeks with our after-school program, we played around with the opening sentences for their stories.
Only the brave-crazy young would jetpack over the river at night, lit up only by the sleek glowpaint of their packs and the blue tails of flame that plumed out behind them. —Geoff Schmidt

Only the cool and the calm would sink into the depths of the river, seeing through the waters, not just with their goggles but with their giant pores that turned into gills. —Christiana McClain
First, we read those sentences and produced audio recordings.

Then, we created remixes.

For now, we'll keep producing remixes to those sentences, as we prepare to offer fuller stories.

Additional audio mixes on East St. Louis creative compositions
The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Spring 2019

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