Saturday, January 5, 2019

"It works for me": Lovalerie King and retirement

Lovalerie retired in 2016. She had worked two long careers, and she'd given so much. She felt it was time to step away.

In June 2017, something or another came up, and we spent some time exchanging texts messages. At one point, I asked her about retirement: And so you're really done with the academy just like that? No more articles and ish? That must be nice. Or is it?

She took a brief moment and then responded:
“It works for me, Howard. I’ve been trying to work on a novel, or novels—but truth be told, I was the oldest daughter of eight siblings who took care of the household from a fairly early age, had two kids as a single mom, worked 23 years, nursed my mom as she was dying, retired to finish undergrad, then grad school, then 16 more years working in a racist American institution, and so I figured I had earned a few years of sitting on my ass doing nothing. It’s been one year. If I get the novel done I will send u the manuscript and ask for reading!! 
She certainly did earn it. I was so pleased that she was getting to take it easy and spend time with friends and family. I was excited too listen as she shared ideas about her novel. That was our Lovalerie.

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