Thursday, December 13, 2018

A short checklist of black women singers represented in black poetry

My colleague Tiana Clark's volume of poetry has a poem focusing on Nina Simone. The piece had me thinking about the many poems focusing on black women musicians in black poetry. What follows is a partial list.

• Sterling Brown -- "Ma Rainey"

• Tiana Clark -- "The Rime of Nina Simone"

• Rita Dove -- "Canary"

• Paul Laurence Dunbar - "When Malindy Sings"

• T'Ai Freedom Ford -- "how to get over ['be born: black...']"

• Nikki Giovanni -- "Poem for Aretha"

• Monica Hand -- me and Nina

• Michael S. Harper -- "“Where Is My Woman Now: For Billie Holiday"

• Robert Hayden -- "Homage to the Empress of the Blues"

• Terrance Hayes -- "Lady Sings the Blues"

• Langston Hughes -- "Song for Billie Holiday"

• Angela Jackson -- "Billie in Silk"

• E. Ethelbert Miller -- "Billie Holiday"

• Larry Neal -- "Lady Day"

• Sonia Sanchez -- "liberation / poem"

• Sonia Sanchez -- "For Our Lady"

• Evie Shockley -- "you can say that again, billie"

• Patricia Smith -- "Running for Aretha"

• Al Young -- "A Dance for Ma Rainey"

• Al Young -- "On the Road with Billie"

A notebook on Tiana Clark

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