Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Early remixes of Black Panther #1 covers

Original by Dale Keown and remix by Makayla  

For our East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club, the high school students have been working on remixes of Black Panther #1 covers. I collected all the variant covers for issue #1 back in 2016, when Ta-Nehisi Coates took over as the writer for the series.

When we began our sessions for the after-school program, I had a few different options of images for the club members to produce visual remixes. They overwhelming chose Black Panther #1, in part they told me because they saw the movie. The comic book, of course, is different than the film, but it's what they had a connection to, some of them said.

So far, they have mostly been experimenting with coloring. We'll eventually start doing more with various editing techniques and tools to see what we come up with using Pixlr.

Original by Skottie Young and remix by DJ

Original by Dale Keown and remix by Tyreese 

The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Fall 2018

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