Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A checklist of a few writings by Elana Levin

I'm co-teaching a class on diversity and comic books this semester, but I had help getting here. It's always good to have a trusted guide as you move through creative domains. And in comics, Elana Levin serves as one of those guides for me.

Earlier today, I was discussing her piece on Chelsea Cain and Mockingbird. Levin had high praise for the comic book back in 2016 when it was released. "If you are a grown-up-woman reading superhero comics this needs to be at the top of your list,” she wrote. "This entire Mockingbird series has always been explicitly feminist– practically every issue addresses sexism in some way and every issue features Bobbi standing up for women and girls.”

Here's a roundup of some of Levin's works that I re-read as I prepared for the class.

June 9: Elana Levin and Emily Zanotti discuss Women in Comics - Bounding Into Comics

August 28: Paying Tribute to Jack Kirby on His 99th Birthday - Alex K. Cossa and Elana Levin - Graphic Policy
October 26: Mockingbird is there for us: Who will be there for her writer? - Graphic Policy 

June 5: Thank Goddess Wonder Woman Isn’t Straight: Towards a Better DCEU - Elana Levin - Comics Beat

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