Friday, September 14, 2018

The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Fall 2018

This semester, I extend my work with the East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club--an extracurricular program. The participants in the club -- a graduate student, undergraduates, and high school students -- will work on graphic design, audio mixes, and public exhibits. The goal is to build interest and expertise in technology.

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Fall 2018: Summaries of activities:
Week 1: September 12
Week 2: September 26
Week 3: October 3
Week 4: October 16
Week 5: October 30
Week 6: November 6
Week 7: November 13
Week 8: November 27
Week 9: December 11

Scenes from the East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club, Fall 2018

Collegiate black men as guides on a Humanities/STEM project
Early remixes of Black Panther #1 covers
• Technology and abstract visual
• Remixing Amiri Baraka's "The Aesthetic," Part 1

This after-school DH club is an outgrowth of our larger Digital East St. Louis, a collaborative project between SIUE's STEM Center and the IRIS Center. The project is supported by a National Science Foundation ITEST grant. The project is directed by STEM Center director Sharon Locke, and involves Jessica DeSpain, Liza Cummings, Georgia Bracey, and Matthew Johnson.

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