Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Notebook on digital tools, devices

The following entries chart the work that I've done that makes use of various digital devices in educational contexts.

• June 16: Black Panther, Riri Williams, and Hip-Hop Variant Digital Collections
• June 11: Frederick Douglass, Octavia Butler, and Digital Collections
• June 9: Digital devices and African American literary studies
• April 13: Curating a Malcolm X digital collection
• March 22: Silent listening session in East St. Louis
• January 29: Black boys and audio production

• September 29: A Digital look at postcards from the Andrew J. Theising Collection

November 4: From MP3 Players to Touchscreen Tablets
• November 4: Kristine Hildebrandt & Jessica DeSpain's Digital Motivations
• November 1: Viewing Andrew Theising's East St. Louis postcards on tablets

• October 12: African American literary studies and technology
• September 24: Listening session activity at the East St. Louis Charter High School
• April 4 An audio exhibit concerning the EBR Collection

• November 11: Quietly listening to African American poetry at Venice Elementary School

• February 4: Black Studies and Listening Devices

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