Tuesday, June 26, 2018

10 Years as a Mellon Fellow

By Kenton Rambsy

From a rising junior at Morehouse College in the summer of 2008, to successfully completing third-year review as an assistant professor of English and Digital Humanities at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2018, the Andrew Mellon Foundation programs have been instrumental to my professional development the past 10 years.

And the journey continues. Over the past three weeks, I’ve been involved with a range of programs connected with various Mellon programs. From June 4 - June 15, I was a curriculum instructor for Howard University’s inaugural Mellon institute. From Monday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 24, I participated in the SSRC Graduate Mellon conference as a group facilitator and panel moderator. And, on Thursday, June 21, I was a guest lecturer at the Schomburg-Mellon Summer Institute.

Howard University MMUF Summer Institute & Digital Humanities
2018 MMUF Recent PhD Panel
The Schomburg-Mellon Summer Humanities Institute 9 Years Later

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