Saturday, January 27, 2018

Digital Humanities Club: Week 2

On January 24, for the East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club, we continued working with audio mixes of poems by Robert Hayden and Elizabeth Alexander. We spent time editing and really trying to improve the overall quality of the productions.

I've been pushing the team leaders to become more active in making suggestions, as it's easy for the high school students to tune everything out as they work. They're using headphones and sometimes get caught up in the details of the sounds and plans they have in their own heads. I realize, though, that beyond the technology of the program, really what's crucial are the conversations we have overall and in the small teams. So more conversation, more conversation, more conversation.

Week #2 reflection from Rae'Jean Spears:
This week proved to be another good week for the Digital Humanities Club. Students in the room worked on two different projects, but all had the same goal of combining audio and poetry. This week, we had students listen to other samples before beginning their own which seemed to pull out a competitive spirit in them. They worked really hard to try and “beat” what they heard and kept asking if their sound was better. We can definitely conclude that they push themselves a bit harder when it seems as if there is a competition at hand.

The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Spring 2018

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