Monday, December 4, 2017

Keith Knight: A bibliography

Here's a bibliography of Keith Knight's works.

(th)ink series
Red, White, Black & Blue (2004)
Are We Feeling Safer Yet? (2007)
Too Small To Fail (2009)
Make America Hate Again (2016).

The K Chronicles:
Dances with Sheep (1997)
Fear of a Black Marker (2000)
What a Long Strange Strip It's Been (2002)
The Passion of the Keef (2005)
I Left my Arse in San Francisco (2008)
The Incredible Cuteness of Being (2012)
Go East Young Fam! (2016).

The Knight Life:
Chivalry Ain't Dead (2010)
Knight Takes Queen (2015)

Additional works:
Beginner's Guide to Community-Based Arts (2005) (lead graphic journalist)
The Complete K Chronicles, a compilation of the first four K Chronicles books (2008)
25 Steps to a Better Kickstarter Campaign (2013)
They Shoot Black People, Don't They? (2015), a collection of Knight's strips on police brutality.
Jake the Fake Keeps It Real (2017)

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