Saturday, December 9, 2017

Digital East St. Louis showcase

Today was the closing event for "Digital East St. Louis" (well, at least one version of the program, which began with middle school students). “Digital East St. Louis” was a three-year National Science Foundation-funded project designed to implement place-based learning with the purpose of increasing interest in STEM among African American students.

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The showcase gave the middle school students opportunities to discuss the projects that they have been working on for a few years now. Various people attended, including several students from some of my college courses.

Digital East St. Louis is collaborative project between SIUE's STEM Center and the IRIS Center. The project is supported by a National Science Foundation ITEST grant. The project is directed by STEM Center director Sharon Locke, and involves Jessica DeSpain, Liza Cummings, Georgia Bracey, and Matthew Johnson. This fall, as an outgrowth of the original program, I coordinated a Digital East St. Louis Humanities Club for high school students at Lovejoy Library's Eugene B. Redmond Learning Center.

A notebook on Digital East St. Louis

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