Monday, December 18, 2017

Courses on the Black Arts Movement

The other day on Facebook, poet and scholar Kathy Lou Schultz was mentioning that she'll teach a course on the Black Arts Movement in the upcoming semester at the University of Memphis, where she's a professor. Some years back, I taught courses on the Black Arts Movement. Over the years though, I have pursed other classes, while including aspects of Black Arts--most notably units on Malcolm X and Amiri Baraka in most of my classes.

I decided to provide a brief round-up of some Black Arts courses and who they were taught by that I noticed online.

• Spring 2018: Amiri Baraka and the Black Arts Movement - Kathy Lou Schultz - University of Memphis
• Fall 2017: The Black Arts Movement - Nagueyalti Warren - Emory
• 2017-2018: The Black Arts Movement - Julia Rabig - Darmouth
• 2017-2018: The Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement - Margo Crawford - Cornell
• Summer 2016: The Black Arts Movement and the Black Aesthetic - Mike Sell - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
• Spring 2016: The New Black Arts Movement - Asali Solomon - Haverford College
• Fall 2015: The Black Arts Movement - Hank Williams - Hunter College
• Spring 2013: The Black Arts Movement - John Keene - Rutgers-Newark

A Notebook on the Black Arts Era

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