Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A visual recap of poetry blog entries in 2017

Evie Shockley's books
Here's a recap of some of the blog entries on verse that I published over the last 12 months.

December 5: Eugene B. Redmond meets with first-year collegiate black men

November 22: Adrian Matejka participates in the River Styx Reading Series

October 18: Cindy Reed, black girls, and poetry

September 9: LeRoi Jones, Amiri Baraka, and nicknames of collegiate black women

August 10: Adrian Matejka--sampling a black interstellar history in verse

July 30: The African American and African artwork adorning Elizabeth Alexander's books

July 29: Eugene B. Redmond's brilliant bibliographic work

June 20: The good news and the trouble with black poetry

May 4: Reading & re-reading Allison Joseph's poetry in 2017

April 25: Amiri Baraka's searing critiques of U.S. Presidents

April 24: Amiri Baraka, black boys & poetic curiosity

March 17: What NEA has meant to African American poets

March 7: Evie Shockley gives reading in St. Louis

February 17: Elizabeth Alexander, the history, and the rise of African American poetry

February 9: Clint Smith, Contemporary Poetry, and Black History

January 31: A Checklist of Emmett Till poems

January 24: A short checklist of African American poets on artworks & artists 

The year in African American poetry, 2017
A visual recap of poetry blog entries in 2016

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