Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Digital Humanities Club: Week 7

During our session on October 25, the high school students worked on audio editing tasks. The setup was slightly different as the high school students moved around to different stations working with various college students, as opposed to staying in one place.

Amelia Williams noted that one a benefit of working with more than one student was the possibility of learning "their personalities and watching them put the different music and poems that they liked together." Tiara made a similar observation. "I was able to get to know a little more about each student," she said. "And I also felt a sense of comfort with each student that I worked with. I could tell that they were comfortable and enjoying what we were doing."

Gaige Crowell realized that an advantage of working with multiple students on a common task was that he reinforced the knowledge for himself. "I started to form the questions better as I repeated myself more," he said. "So towards the end of the hour, I explained the task as detailed as possible."

Week #7 reflection from graduate student, Rae'Jean Spears:
This week’s meeting with the East St. Louis Charter school was great. We had a girl join the group of boys we have been working with every week. She brought a new energy to the group and shifted the atmosphere. The key thing that stood out to me was her willingness to actually show her excitement at her ability to create new audio files. I’m looking forward to seeing what she will continue to bring to the group.
The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club

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