Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Creativity @ SIUE

Howard Rambsy II and Rae’Jean Spears

This semester, we’re working on a local history of creativity among African American students at SIUE and in East St. Louis. From late August to early December, we’ll interview and communicate with a large number of students. We’ll get a sense of their views on creativity, which includes problem finding and solving, originality, good ideas, knowledge building, creative domains, expression, creative output, productivity, inspiration, and more.

We are interested in learning more about the places of creativity in students’ academic and social lives. We are also interested in learning if students feel their creativity is either inspired or limited by their racial backgrounds. Furthermore, we are interested in opportunities and barriers for students strengthening their creative capabilities.

We will post links to our writings on the subject here:

Knowledge, Creativity, and Extracurricular Activities
Dometi Pongo, creative productivity, and those notebooks
Danielle Hall: when the poet, dancer, and historian are one
Kendra Martin on the Music
Art forms and inspiration

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