Thursday, June 22, 2017

Big Sister as Superhero

When I was a really young boy, my older sister Phillis would sometimes do far out, incredible things. For a few brief seconds, I’d forget that she was my sister, and mistake her for a superhero.

Yesterday, she invited me to tag along with her to a reception at a conference for attorneys who advocate for employee rights. The organization has over 1,000 members. Big sis is introducing me to various people. At one point, she stops as she sees who she's been looking for. "Let's go," she says, as she walks toward someone. "She's the president."

The two greet each other.
“This is a great conference. You’re doing a great job,” my sister says.
“Thank you,” responds the president.
Then my sister presses, “We’re really going to have to do something about diversity. We need to recruit more black attorneys. We can do much better than what we're doing.”
“I agree. You’re right,” says the president.
“I feel so strongly about it that I want to talk to you more about what we can do. Is it ok if I visit you at your office?" Not waiting for a response, she follows up, "I’m going to arrange to come visit you at your office,”
"Yes, yes, please do," says the president.

My sister lives in Maryland. The president’s office is in Alabama.

That brief exchange took me back for a second. My sister had momentarily vanished, and here again was this superhero.

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