Thursday, February 23, 2017

Roundup of coverage concerning potential arts and humanities budget cuts

Here's a roundup of several articles addressing the potential budget cuts to the arts and humanities by the Trump administration.

• March 16: Trump budget would eliminate funding for National Endowment for NEH, NEA - Christie D'Zurilla - LA Times
• March 16: Trump wants to cut the NEA and NEH - Philip Kennicott and Peggy McGlone - Washington Post

• Feb. 23: Eliminating arts funding programs will save Donald Trump just 0.0625% of budget - Christopher Hooton - Independent
• Feb. 22: Trump says he wants to fix our divisions. But he may gut an institution that does exactly that. - Danielle Allen - Washington Post
• Feb. 21: Gillibrand to Trump: Keep funding for NEA, NEH - Robert Harding - Auburnpub
• Feb. 20: NEA, NEH, PBS on the chopping block once again - Michael Barnes - Austin360
• Feb. 19: Arts Groups Draft Battle Plans as Trump Funding Cuts Loom - Michael Cooper et. al - NY Times
• Feb. 17: Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget - LaFraniere and Rappeport - NY Times
• Feb. 15: Save some anger: Chicago loses out if Trump defunds arts, humanities endowments - John Warner - Chicago Tribune
• Feb. 15: Is Indy arts and culture on the chopping block? - Dan Grossman - NUVO
• Feb. 13: The Irony of Trump's Attack on the National Endowment for the Arts - Henry Godinez - Truthout
• Jan. 30: What if Trump Really Does End Money for the Arts? - Graham Bowley - NY Times
• Jan. 26: Here’s What You Can Do To Protect National Arts And Culture Funding - Claire Fallon - Huffington Post
• Jan. 19: Trump team prepares dramatic cuts - Alexander Bolton - The Hill

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