Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blogging about Amiri Baraka in 2016

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In 2016, I produced over 90 blog entries on a variety of poets. It turns out that I blogged about Amiri Baraka more than any other poet this year. Here are images and links to those various entries.

September 9: Amiri Baraka's sonic movement: from reader to performer 

April 25: "Oooowow!": the wonderful wordless phrasings of Amiri Baraka 
April 24: 50 Amiri Baraka poems on YouTube 

April 13: George Packer compliments LeRoi Jones (but derides Amiri Baraka)

April 3: In Search of Amiri Baraka

March 4: Poets as Catalogers: The Cases of Robin Coste Lewis, Kevin Young, and Amiri Baraka

February 1: Amiri Baraka's Metaphors and Ferocious Name-calling

A notebook reflecting on reading and blogging in 2016 
Amiri Baraka

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