Friday, August 26, 2016

C. Liegh McInnis's books

I was writing about C. Liegh McInnis's productivity recently. Here's a list of his productions over the years.

Matters of Reality:  Body, Mind, and Soul (1997, 2007)
Confessions:  Brainstormin' from Midnight 'til Dawn (1998, 2007)
Searchin’ for Psychedelica (1999, 2007)
Da Black Book of Linguistic Liberation (2001, 2007)

Short stories
Scripts:  Sketches and Tales of Urban Mississippi (1998, 2007)
The Lyrics of Prince (1997, 2000, 2007)
Prose:  Essays and Letters  (1999, 2007)
Brother Hollis: The Sankofa of a Movement Man (2015) with Hollis Watkins

Editorial work
Black Magnolias: A Literary Journal (2001 - 2014)

Audio CDs
Poetic Conversations (2001-2008)
Introduction of a Blues Poet (2001-2008)

For more  information, see his website.

C. Liegh McInnis

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