Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Underground conversation series: conflict styles

I began working with my colleague Catrina Salama to organize workshops and conversations with students on campus. We began on March 30, with a discussion about conflict management and styles.

After the presentation, we asked students to respond to the prompt, "What’s something useful you gained from today’s session? In what way was it useful or notable?"
A sample of responses:
• Learning how to identify both my conflict resolution strategy and the other person’s. It’s always useful to be aware and sensitive.
• This session taught me that there is no right or wrong way to approach conflict or resolve it. I also learned that conflict is not always a negative thing.
• In a way I kind of learned about myself. This will help me when I’m confronted with a conflict because I’ll know how to handle it in a better way.
• Avoiding conflict isn’t always the easy way out and self evaluate yourself while in a conflict. The session was useful because now I can become aware of different ways to deal with people and conflict.

Spring 2016 Programming

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