Friday, November 20, 2015

Covering Black Panther in the EBR Learning Center

On November 12, the 27 collegiate black men in my class met with me in the Eugene B. Redmond Learning Center and read Black Panther written by Reginald Hudlin and illustrated by John Romita. We could have met in our regular classroom, but I thought the change of venue was good. Also, it was cool to cover a work like The Black Panther in this important cultural space -- the EBR Learning Center.  

Several of the guys have told me they have interest in comic books. But few of them had read this comic book. They were immediately interested and engaged with the material. We've been talking about "bad men" in African American poetry during the course of the semester. So, T'Challa corresponds to and expands the subjects we've considered.

Both Hudlin and Redmond have deep ties to East St. Louis, which made it particularly important to cover The Black Panther in the learning center.

A Notebook on Reginald Hudlin
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