Friday, April 17, 2015

A wonderful book moment image that got away

I've been taking photographs for years now, and I'm inevitably thinking about notable moments that I somehow did not manage to capture with my camera. One of those moments came during our Language Arts and Leadership Conference.

At noon, I arrived at the room where we would have lunch and also where our book festival would take place. A long line had formed outside the room. People were waiting, I assumed, to pick up sandwiches and something to drink.

However, when I moved forward to get inside, I realized that the young men had barely noticed the table of food. They were instead fully focused on the tables of books. We had not yet informed the guys that the books were free. They were excitedly perusing and discussing the materials.   

As much as I enjoyed witnessing their enthusiasm concerning the books, I had to instruct them to grab something to eat, so that more people could enter the room.   

If I had my camera on me at the time, I would now have the chance to present you with a photograph of this long line of young black men waiting to look at books. You'll have to take my word that it was a wonderful scene. 

Language Arts and Leadership Conference  

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