Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Black Book exhibit

February 26, I coordinated an exhibit based on some of our Lit. Genius annotations of The Black Book. I usually produce projects related to African American literature and then transfer those projects to Genius. This time, I began on the crowd-sourced annotation site and then transformed that to a physical exhibit.

It was cool to start with what we had done online and bring that to the physical space of a library. Or really, the process was more extensive than that. We began by reading The Black Book, then we indexed and annotated aspects of the publication online, and then we developed an exhibit.

This first Genius-to-exhibit event was low-key. I was drawing more on my experiences organizing previous exhibits. Moving forward, I'll try to highlight more of the features of the actual Genius site into the design of the exhibits.


Middleton A. Harris, Toni Morrison, and The Black Book 
• Spring 2015 Programming

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