Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A photo-review of arts & humanities programming (Fall 2014)

Here's a glance at our Fall 2014 programming, which included 18 individual events and activities (totaling 1,427 participants), 3 reading groups (130 participants), and one preservation project. The image captions below contain links to additional write-ups on the projects.

Sept. 2: Public Thinking Event

Sept. 10: African American Literary Showcase

Sept. 11: Poetry Listening Session

Fall 2014 reading groups

Sept. 17: Public Thinking Event: East St. Louis

Sept. 25: The Big Smoke exhibit

Sept. 30: Public Thinking Event - Maya Angelou exhibit

 The Lessie Bates Neighborhood House Preservation Project

Oct. 1: Tribute to Maya Angelou

Visit to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center  

Oct. 14: Public Thinking Event - Bodies Matter Exhibit

Oct. 16: Chess & GRIT

Oct. 20: Gina Washington, Leadership, Inspiration & Collegiate Black Women

Oct. 28: Public Thinking Event: East St. Louis

Oct. 30: The Big Smoke exhibit

Nov. 4: Public Thinking Event

Nov. 6:  East St. Louis Vision Boards activity

Nov. 10: Arts activities at Venice Elementary School

Nov. 13: The Big Smoke exhibit

Nov. 18: A Gathering of Black Women Artists

Nov. 19: Images from "A Gathering of Black Women Artists"  Day 2

Fall 2014 Public Programming


Stephen Hansen said...

Congratulations and Thank you! Well done. These projects and activities provide a valuable educational opportunity for all of SIUE's students.

Joycelyn Moody said...

Thrilling work, as always, Rambsy! Love all of these amazing group shots, which document so vivaciously the brilliant work you and your students & colleagues do.

Dr.D said...

You are such an inspiration to all you touch. You are changing lives my friend and there is nothing better than that!