Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mapping East St. Louis

Last year, Kacee Aldridge, who was serving as my graduate student assistant at the time, sent me this map, which she had marked with locations. She and I had been conversing about various sites in East St. Louis, so she wanted to clarify the conversation with a visual. Her map and the notes have been really useful for what I could see and consider.

Goose Hill runs from about St. Clair (South) to Exchange (North) and 1st Street (West) to 4th Street (East)
Downtown runs from about Broadway (South) to 8th Street (North) and Collinsville Ave. (West) to St. Clair (East)
Rush City runs from about Elisabeth Street (South) to 8th Street (North) and Rt. 3 (West) to Rail Road Tracks (East)
South End runs from about Rail Road Tracks (West) to Missouri Ave. (East) and 8th Street (North) to 25th Street (South)
Pollock Town runs from about Rail Road Tracks (South) to Rt. 15 (North) and 25th Street (West) to 36th Street (East)
Edgemont runs from about State Street (South) to Marybelle Street (North) and 69th Street (West) to 89th Street (East)
Loisel Hills runs from about Lebanon Rd. (South) to St. Clair Ave. (North) and 89th Street (West)

**Loisel Village is encompassed in Edgemont and is difficult to separate. Golden Gardens is not in East St. Louis, it’s near but it’s separately incorporated like Centreville, Alorton, and Sauget.**
An East St. Louis Sketchbook


Anonymous said...

Golden Garden is Centreville. Parkside and Ping Pong are Centreville as is Church Road area.

How to Create and Use a Blogger Blog said...

Loisel Village is a neighborhood of single-family brick ranches bounded by Vieux Carre (Vu-Care) Drive on the south, De Couagne (Due-Kane) Dr on the west, Church Lane on the north and 89th Street on the east. The streets had French names in tribute to the fact Loisel Village sat on land that had at one time been the French Village Precinct of St. Clair County. Across 89th Street and up into the bluffs is Loisel Hills.