Sunday, February 23, 2014

Images from UTSA's 7th Annual African American Studies Symposium

 A few images from UTSA's 7th Annual African American Studies Symposium. The symposium was organized by Rhonda Gonzales, Sonja Lanehart, Joycelyn Moody, Scott Sherer, and Deborah Thomas.

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Symposium founder and co-organizer Joycelyn Moody

UTSA student Jyron Joseph opens symposium with performance of "Old Man River."

University of Georgia Professor Barbara McCaskill makes presentation.

Symposium co-organizer Scott Sherer

Professor Tracy Vaughn-Manley, artist Mary Frances Robinson, and Professor Brandy N. Kelly Pryor takes questions.

Symposium co-organizer Sonja Lanehart, the Pierce's are seated on the second row.

UTSA professors Kinitra Brooks and Paul Paul Schutz

Professor Tracy Vaughn-Manley and artist Mary Frances Robinson

Symposium co-organizers Joycelyn Moody and Scott Sherer

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