Wednesday, February 5, 2014

AR-EN: Notable changes in the field

[A Notebook on Alyssa Rosenberg & Emily Nussbaum

In an interview with Zulkey magazine, Emily Nussbaum, who writes about television shows for The New Yorker discussed the changes with the medium. For one, she says that "overall, technology has made all the difference. Tivo and DVDs turned TV into something you could collect and re-watch." In addition, she mentions that the writers who cover television changed over time, noting that:
in the past there were two main kinds of official TV writers: buzz-oriented entertainment reporters, and then your more literary writers who were slumming. There's a whole new school of writers now, all of whom take TV seriously as their central subject. Obviously, people vary a lot in their tastes, but I'd say that it's a group of critics who aren't interested in the old defensive/condescending approach to the medium, or in endless comparisons to movies and books, and who are trying to forge new ways to talk about television as its own fantastic thing.
So for Nussbaum, the major changes have related to technology and approaches of writers. What would you say about your own field? That is, in your view, what has been one of the most notable changes in your field of study? What makes that change notable?  


Kiara Gay said...

My field of study is nursing, and from what I have read about and experienced so far, nursing has become a much more patient centered field. Also, nurses are beginning to become more and more specialized than they were in the past.
Before, nurses wore dresses and stockings as their uniforms, because the field was predominately women, and was only a field studied by Caucasian women but today nurses are made to wear scrubs suitable for both genders and the field has become more diverse, now having more racial and ethnic differences among healthcare providers.
Also, Modern nurses are expected to carry out research and keep at the new technological advances.

Unknown said...

As a student in the science field, I think the most notable changes are the responses to the increase in interest. I feel like as someone wanting to go into a health profession, the teachers and professionals I encounter seem to reiterate the importance of truly learning the materials especially being that we are actually dealing with someone's life. I also see them being more responsible in their methods and work ethic.

Kayleigh E. said...

I am in the business field and I would say that technology has changed the game. For example, with technology it is easier and easier to communicate and do business with countries all over the world. College graduates that can speak another language have a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Hilary Conrad said...

As a community health student, the field is always discovering new health ideas and techniques to reach out audience. Social media is one if the new big ways in which we reach our population in need. Especially toward the younger generation. Instead of listing health tips in a newspaper, health educators may target twitter in order to get across our ideas.

Jacqueline C. said...

I am a nursing student ad technology has impacted the field. More nurses are going to school pursuing higher and education, not to mention it has become more diverse.The changes occurring are positive and influential to me and motivate me to keep pursuing my goals.The field has become more open and advanced.

Jacquelene G said...

My choice of study is Business Administration. Over the years there have been a lot of changes in my field. For one, women have been gaining more acceptance whereas in the past, Business was viewed primarily as a more male dominated field. Also, a lot more opportunities such as loans and the financial support needed to start a new business have been arising.
For example, a lot of student run businesses have been appearing as a result of financial backing from business idea fairs and contests. After having to create business plans for certain business courses many students have taken the initiative to actually pitch these plans to big corporations and manyh have succeeded.
Most recently, there has been significant changes in technology and just like Nussbaum it has affected my field too. A lot of office jobs and paperwork have been replaced with computer technology. Now, the focus is on your ability to use programs such as Excel to create necessary spreadsheets and summaries that managers require to keep up with the business.

Jac`quelene G.

Unknown said...

AS a future educator, I can say that changes in my particular field of interest have undergone many changes, particularly within about the last 15 years. With the passing of the "No Child Left Behind" policies that standardized education, educators were forced to think of teaching in a new way. Since then the implementation of technology and social media in the classroom has also been a hot topic around the world. I believe that education has changed and will continue to change as new invention and ideas are brought to light.

Jenee' B. said...

My field of study is speech pathology and I believe that technology,research, and new techniques have been the most notable changes. These changes are notable because they have improved the quality and range of care that is available. They have also helped to develop more effective treatments and also raise more awareness for certain disabilities.

Jessica H. said...

My field of study is nursing. I think that nursing has evolved tremendously over time. Research and patient centered care has become the most important ideas. This is possible because new technologies and medical tools are being introduced into the medical field. New measures and inventions help to promote a healthy and sustainable life for individuals.