Monday, October 21, 2013

Using Images to annotate Kamilah Aisha Moon's "Directions" on Poetry Genius

A few weeks ago, I received permission from Kamilah Aisha Moon to upload and annotate her poem "Directions" on Poetry Genius. I really enjoyed the experience.

For one, I got an opportunity to paraphrase and notate a poem on a public site. I'm often dissecting poems and taking notes about works, but rarely do I get the chance to make those notations available to broad audiences.

The Poetry Genius annotation experience is also unique from my typical approaches to analysis because I have the option of complementing descriptions with images. The myriad and vast number of photographs and images out there on the web make the experience of annotating with images really exciting and challenging.

I utilized 21 different images while annotating lines from Moon's poem. Doing so gave me a chance to see and re-present the poem in ways that would have been difficult for me otherwise. The images also allowed me to have some fun while analyzing the poem.

For example, I added an image of the above cartoon saying "stop" to go along with Moon's opening words "Don't drop your sister." Next, I added the image of a stern faced block figure toy to accompanying the stand alone word "Ever." 

My use of images to annotate Moon's poem actually enriched how I now read some of the other pieces in her volume.
A notebook on Kamilah Aisha Moon

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