Friday, September 6, 2013

Mind of My Mind Character List

Compiled by Briana Whiteside

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Main Characters
1. Mary-Doro’s daughter, the pattern holder
2. Doro-spiritman, god

Supporting characters
1. Emma-previously known as Anyanwu, a healer, shape-shifter
2. Rina-Mary’s mother
3. Rina’s john #1-men who Rina sleep with
4. Rina’s john #2-men who Rina sleep with
5. Karl Larkin-a white man, Mary’s husband
6. Vivian-Karl’s lover
7. Clay-a latent pushed into transition, Sethe’s brother, has psychokinetic ability
8. Seth-a member of the pattern, a telepath
9. Rachel-a member of the pattern, a healer
10. Jesse-a telepath who can control others’ thoughts
11. Tara-Jesse’s friend
12. Tom-the man from the beach
13. Jan-a member of the pattern, practices psychometry
14. Margaret-Jan’s daughter
15. Lea Westley-an adopted parent of Jan’s children
16. Palmer Landry-Barbara Landry’s husband
17. Barbara Landry-a latent pushed into transition, Palmer’s wife
18. Miguela Daniels-Rachel’s assistant
19. Johnny-the husband of a latent
20. The latent wife
21. Stephen Gilroy
22. Rachel’s male relative-a healer
23. Helen Dietrich
24. Page
25. Ada-a telepath
26. Eli Torrey-latent, Rachel’s assistant
27. Kenneth-Ada’s husband
28. Hugh Wesley
29. Vaughn
30. Catherine-Emma’s daughter
31. Jamie-Mary’s cousin, latent pushed through transition
32. Christine-Mary’s cousin, latent pushed through transition
33. Caleb Bartholomew
34. Arlene
35. Hannibal
36. Karl August Larkin-Mary’s son
37. Gerold August
38. Evelyn Winthrop

A Notebook on Octavia Butler

Briana Whiteside is a graduate student in English at SIUE and a contributing writer for the Cultural Front. 

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