Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blogging about poetry in August 2013

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• August 30: Writing poetry to be read/published vs. Writing poetry to be heard
• August 29: Things we need to know prior to reading poetry by Cornelius Eady, Tyehimba Jess, and Adrian Matejka
• August 28:  "Why do we have to read poetry?": Here are 7 Reasons 
• August 28: Poems by and about Black Women for a Fall 2013 course
• August 27: The economies of spoken word poetry and print-based poetry (on college campuses)
• August 27: Spoken Word Poetry and the growth of consciousness (in Mississippi)
• August 26: From rap listeners to poetry readers
• August 22: How Arnold Adoff helped nurture an early interest in black poetry
• August 22: More on 1970 as a defining year in the history of black literature
• August 21: What if poet Evie Shockley is a Sci-fi writer?
• August 20: Reginald Harris, Autogeography, and playing across the page
• August 20: 10-plus Years Earlier: From Reginald Harris's Autogeography to 10 Tongues
• August  20: Some volumes of poetry published in 2013
• August 19: Poetry and the gateway experience
• August 16: A Notebook on bad men in poetry
• August 16:  A brief timeline of bad men in poetry
• August 13: Tyehimba Jess and 50 other poets: a guide
• August 12: 30-plus poems (and raps) in a course on folklore and afrofuturism
• August 10: An underground curriculum in the study of black poetry
• August 9:  The Speculative qualities of poems about slavery
• August 8: Lively conversations about poetry with multigenerations of black men
• August 8: Notes on extended conversations with black men about poetry
• August 7: Covering poetry about slavery & liberation
• August 5: Kevin Young's short lines & big books of poetry
• August 2: Black arts era poetry as a genre
• August 1: Blogging about Poetry July

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