Monday, September 30, 2013

An Introduction to 208 volumes of poetry by African American poets, 2000-2013

Over the last several years, I have, along with the help of a few different graduate assistants, produced blog entries, organized mixed media exhibits, and coordinated “browsing sessions” featuring poetry. In the process of hosting activities, I began to establish a collection of volumes of poetry published between 2000 and 2013. Many of the books come from my personal collection, and a few were donated.

I am sharing this bibliography in case you are interested in updating your own collection or in getting a snapshot of some of the works published since 2000. The 208 books listed in the series of bibliographies I will publish this week do not...I repeat do not...represent all the many volumes produced by African American poets over the years. For now, the works represent a collection that was within my modest budget. When resources permit, I will expand my collection.

Still, I am proud about what the collection represents--the work and musings of a large group of poets, editors, publishers, and supporters of the arts. Even more, many of the volumes have been crucial elements of several public humanities projects focusing on poetry.

A special thanks to Briana Whiteside who has served as editorial assistant for gathering and organizing data for this project. Thanks to Emily Phillips who served as editorial assistant for the project at an earlier stage of development.

The Lists:
208 volumes of poetry by African American poets, 2000-2013 (by name)
208 volumes of poetry by African American poets, 2000-2013 (by year)
208 volumes of poetry, 2000-2013 (by publisher)
208 volumes of poetry, 2000-2013 (by month) 
The 93 poets who authored the 208 volumes  
85 publishers of 208 volumes of poetry, 2000 - 2013
A List of volumes featuring Persona poems (by year)

Notes on the collection:
Allison Joseph and Sonnet Sequences
Elizabeth Alexander as a link between generations of poets
From Carver, Leadbelly & Brutal Imagination to 208 contemporary volumes 
Small presses make the poetry world go round
Evie Shockley’s unusual poem designs

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