Thursday, July 11, 2013

Traffic & Safety in China

By Jennifer Johnson

The traffic system in China is slightly different than the American system. Just like the US, there are red and green lights, walk and don’t walk traffic signals. The difference is that drivers disregard lanes and drive wherever they want. Because of this, a two lane road can be turned into four.

Another noteworthy thing is that most people, at least in Hangzhou, ride bikes, have mopeds, or take public transportation (buses & taxis) everywhere. There are even separate lanes for the bikes and mopeds. Even so, there are a lot of traffic accidents that occur daily because many drivers are careless and care so much about getting where they are going fast that they disregard any drivers or pedestrians that get in their way. It is also very unnerving to see a lot of parents have their children with them on bikes or mopeds without any kind of protection going into the unforgiving roads.

Jennifer Johnson's Travels in China Notebook

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