Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kacee's travel log

Kacee Aldridge, one of our long-time contributors and a traveler on our recent journey to NYC, notated some of her stops with fellow travelers during the trip. Kacee's list provides some sense of how our travelers were moving around the city.   

She composed and kept the list on her phone, so when I asked would she share it, she easily emailed the list to me. As the list reveals, she was especially active on Monday and Tuesday. What the list doesn't reveal is that Kacee was a group leader; thus, she was responsible for keeping up with and offering assistance for her team members.    


Kacee's Travel Log: 

Sunday, May 5th
3:25pm - arrived at LGA
4:40 - arrived at Milford Hotel
5:35 - got dinner at Cosmic diner
6:39 - purchased subway passes
7:00 - walked around Times Square

Monday, May 6th
9:00am - grabbed breakfast on 8th ave.
10:30 - left hotel and traveled to Harlem
11:20 - visited Schomburg
12:30 - lunch at Amy Ruth's
2:00 - toured Chinatown
3:30 - visited Strand Book Store
4:30 - visited Union Square Park
6:30 - had dinner in Fashion district
8:30 - visited Worlds Largest Macy's on 34th
10:00pm - walked around Times Square

Tuesday, May 7th
10:00am - visited main branch of the NYC Public Library
10:25 - grabbed a bite to eat at McDonalds on 5th
11:30 - visited African Burial Ground
1:15 - walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
2:08 - walked through park in Brooklyn
2:56 - Washington Square Park
3:12 - Stromolis Pizzaria (The Village)
4:33 - returned to Chinatown
6:00 - Manhattan Exploring
8:00 - returned to hotel
10:00pm - walked around Times Square

Wednesday, May 8th
11:00am - explored Fashion district, 34th street
2:00 - returned to hotel
3:45 - checked into LGA airport

NYC 2013

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