Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coverage of Barack Obama's Morehouse Speech

Coverage of Barack Obama's graduation speech at Morehouse College on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

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May 27: The Politics of Personal Responsibility in Black America -- For Harriet -- Evan Seymour   
May 23: The president’s Morehouse address -- The State -- Cal Thomas
May 23: Obama Morehouse Commencement: What Can LGBT Movement Learn -- Policymic -- William Yang 
May 22: What I Soaked Up From the President's Speech to Morehouse Grads -- HuffPost -- Roderick Carey
May 22: No More Excuses?: The Myth of Black Uplift -- NewBlackMan -- David J. Leonard
May 22: The Black Attack on Obama -- Fox News -- Juan Williams 
May 22: On a Black Queer Morehouse Commencement -- HuffPost -- Jafari S. Allen
May 22: The Obama “Dog Whistle” -- Black Agenda Report -- Margaret Kimberley
May 22: Dissecting the Obama Morehouse Speech Critics -- Politics365 -- Jeneba Ghatt 
May 22: Obama's gay inclusion at Morehouse -- Washington Post -- Jonathan Capehart 
May 21: Obamas’ tough love, inspiration for black community -- NBC News -- Shawna Thomas
May 21: 5 in CBC: Obama's Morehouse Speech was Great -- Crew of 42 -- Lauren Victoria Burke
May 21: Obama's Shout-Out To A 'Morehouse Man' -- NPR -- Gene Demby
May 21: Obamas to Black Grads: Good Job. Now Stop Being Such a Failure -- Colorlines -- Kai Wright 
May 21: Obama and Morehouse: The Bell Tools -- The New Yorker -- Matthew Mcknight 
May 21: Obama Addresses LGBT Community During Morehouse College Graduation -- HuffPost -- Glennisha Morgan
May 21: The Impossibility of being Barack Obama -- The Atlantic -- James Fallows
May 20: Obama to all-male university graduates -- Salon -- Katie McDonough
May 20: Obama Delivers Powerful, Personal Message to Black Men -- Atlanta Black Star -- Nick Chiles
May 20: Obama Tells Morehouse Grads to Be Unafraid in Commencement Speech -- BET -- Natelege Whaley
May 20: Black Conservatives: Obama’s Morehouse Commencement Speech ‘Divisive -- Eurweb
May 20: Obama’s Boyfriend Line -- Slate -- William Saletan
May 20: There’s no ‘excuse’ for simplifying Obama’s message to Morehouse men -- The Grio -- James B. Peterson 
May 20: Obama at Morehouse -- The Dish -- Andrew Sullivan
May 20: How the Obama Administration Talks to Black America -- The Atlantic -- Ta-Nehisi Coates
May 20: Obama's Morehouse Commencement Speech: Welcome to the Brotherhood -- HuffPost -- Nicolas B. Aziz
May 19: Obama Discusses Race, Fatherhood, Responsibility at Morehouse College -- Time -- Zeke J. Miller
May 19: Obama to black grads: 'No longer any room for excuses' -- Politico -- Jennifer Epstein
May 19: Obama at Morehouse: Black men cannot use racism as a crutch -- Washington Times -- Dave Doyer
May 19: Obama: There's no longer time for excuses for black men -- USA Today -- Aamer Madhani
May 19: President text for President Obama's speech at Morehouse -- Atlanta Journal Constitution
May 19: Obama addresses challenges of being a black man in Morehouse speech -- MSNBC -- Max Lockie
May 19: Bullying Pulpit: Racism, Barack Obama and the Selective Call for Personal Responsibility-- Tim Wise
May 19: Obama gets personal about race and manhood -- Washington Post -- Phillip Rucker 
May 19: Obama urges Morehouse College graduates to help others -- Los Angeles Times -- Paul Richter
May 19: Two Excerpts You Should Read From Obama's Morehouse Speech -- NPR -- Eyder Peralta
May 19: Barack Obama's Morehouse Moment -- HuffPost -- Jarrett L. Carter
May 19: Obama Urges Morehouse Graduates to ‘Keep Setting an Example’ -- NYTIMES -- Mark Landler
May 19: Help empower America's disadvantaged, Obama urges young black graduate -- Telegraph -- John Swaines
May 18: Obama Morehouse College Visit Shines Spotlight on HBCUs -- HuffPost -- Christina Cassidy & Justin Pope

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