Sunday, April 14, 2013

The hues of Hughes, the dynamism of D.A.S.H.

Here's the thing. Large numbers of folks have mentioned being drawn to the many modalities and persona adopted and adapted by Langston Hughes. In other words, folks are into the many hues of Hughes.

I was reminded at the College Language Association conference that, among several other reasons, many of are drawn to Hughes scholar Donna Akiba Sullian Harper (known by some as Dr. D.A.S.H.) because she showcases all those hues and modalities as well. The above photographs were taken within a two-minute span of time, as Harper talked with people and snapped pictures with her camera. I was trying to document the dynamism of Dr. D.A.S.H.      

Literary Scholar as Photographer, Chronicler: The Case of Dr. D.A.S.H.

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