Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mark Sample's annual DH @ MLA round-ups

In addition to following William Pannapacker's digital humanities coverage at MLA, I have also looked forward to the lists of MLA sessions focusing on new media and DH that Mark Sample provides. Leading to the conferences in 2009, 2011, 2012,  and 2013, Sample posted the following entries:

• November 15, 2009: Digital Humanities Sessions at the 2009 MLA (27 sessions)
• November 9, 2010: Digital Humanities Sessions at the 2011 MLA (44 sessions)
• October 4, 2011: Digital Humanities Sessions at the 2012 MLA (58 sessions)
• October 17, 2012: Digital Humanities Sessions at the 2013 MLA (66 sessions)

Sample's list provides the title of the sessions, an overall description when one is available, the title of the individual papers, the names of presenters, and their institutional affiliations. Placing all of the DH sessions together in a single list enhances the idea of interconnectivity and a conversation among people in the field. The appearance of  those lists months before the conference make it possible for a wider audience to consider some of the topics covered.

The shifts from 27 to 44 to 58 to 66 sessions also provide some evidence of DH's growing presence at MLA over the years. Looking back on the entries now also reveals the extent to which  the round-up and identification of the sessions serves as useful organizational or institutional memory.

Along with Pannapacker's articles, Samples entries have been useful news items in the discourse on DH.

Digital Humanities at CLA 2013  

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