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Coverage of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., 1988 - 1995

The following list provides a sense of the coverage of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and his work during the late 1980s and early 1990s just prior to the extended coverage of black public intellectuals. Gates's rise, along with the ascents of bell hooks, Cornel West, and Michael Eric Dyson, were linked to the building interest in high profile African American academics. Gates became director of African American Studies at Harvard in 1991, and soon after, he began organizing what was referred to as a "dream team" of black studies scholars.

• Aug. 14, 1988: "Playing, Not Joking, With Language" [rev. Gates's The Signifying Monkey] -- NYTimes -- John Edgar Wideman
• Feb. 1990: "Sound and fury" [rev. Gates's The Signifying Monkey] -- The New Criterion -- D. G. Myers
Dec. 1989: "Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and African-American Literary Discourse" -- New England Quarterly -- Wahneema Lubiano
• June 19, 1990: ''2 Live Crew, Decoded'' -- NYTimes -- Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
• July 3, 1990: "The Public Must Reject 2 Live Crew's Message" [Response to Gates editorial] -- NYTimes -- Ben H. Bagikian
• July 3, 1990: "The Public Must Reject 2 Live Crew's Message; Clearly Obscene" -- NYTimes -- Terence D. Edwards
July 15, 1990: "The Case of 2 Live Crew Tells Much About the American Psyche" -- NYTimes -- Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Dec. 1990: "New Directions in Afro-American Literary Criticism" -- American Quarterly -- William E. Cain
Jan. 31, 1991: "Can He Save Afro-Am?" -- The Crimson -- Julian E. Barnes
Feb. 13, 1991: "Henry Louis Gates Is Off to Harvard"-- Chronicle of Higher Education -- Denise K. Magner
July 15, 1992: "Nomadic Scholar...Puts Harvard in the Spotlight" -- Chronicle of Higher Education -- Denise K. Magner
• September 2, 1992: "Black Studies and Henry Louis Gates" -- Chronicle of Higher Education -- Molefi Kete Asante
Nov. 10, 1993: Top Black Studies Scholar Is Leaving Princeton for Harvard -- NYTimes -- William H. Honan
Nov. 17, 1993: "Black Scholar Is Leaving Princeton for Harvard" -- Chronicle of Higher Education
January 9, 1995: "Public Academy" -- The New Yorker -- Michael Berube
March 1995: "The New Intellectuals" --  The Atlantic Monthly -- Robert Boynton

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