Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Memorable Blog Entries on Poetry from 2012

On this last day of 2012, I looked back on my poetry blogging from the past year. For now, I settled on the following 12 entries that were especially memorable to me.

• December 7: A Visual Notebook on Engagements with Poetry, Aug - Dec. 2012
• November 5: The scary presence of rap in an African American poetry course
• November 2:  What scares white students in a black poetry course
• September 18: Poetry vs. Poetry vs. Poetry vs. Poetry 
• September 1: 30 Days of Black Arts Artifacts
• August 20:  Different tonalities, perspectives & views of black women's poetry 
• August 17: Bad Men as Muses for Black Poets 
• August 3: Ishmael Reed's Funny Ex-slave Poem
• July 12: The increased aesthetic appeal of poetry book covers
• July 10: Kevin Young's Big Books & Extraordinary Publishing Career
• June 23: Where You Stay -- Amiri Baraka & the Matter of Where Poets Live  
• January 25: Why Elizabeth Alexander's Presence on Twitter Matters

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Jerry W. Ward, Jr. said...

For 2013, please note --

January --History and Other Poems by Brenda Marie Osbey

February --Small Change by James E. Cherry