Sunday, August 26, 2012

The coverage of Ta-Nehisi Coates's "Fear of a Black President" essay

Over the last few days, there's been considerable conversation about Ta-Nehisi Coates's essay "Fear of a Black President." Over a hundred people have referenced and linked to the article on twitter. In addition, the article has been mentioned on news sites, tumblr, and at least a couple of television programs. Rarely does a long-form journalism piece by a black writer receive so much attention.  

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Commentary & Coverage: 

• Aug. 23: Why Obama Can't Talk About Race - John Hudson -- The Atlantic Wire
• Aug. 23: The Irony of a Black President - Ta-Nehisi Coates  
• Aug. 23: Racism Plays a Big Part in our Politics. Period. - Jamelle Bouie --The American Prospect 
• Aug 24: For Obama, Racism Comes From Supporters As Well As Opponents - Peter S. Goodman -- HuffPost
• Aug. 24: Fear of a Black President - Dallas L -- Dailykos
• Aug. 24: Broad Sympathy for Some; Broader Skepticism for Others - Ta-Nehisi Coates
• Aug. 24: Spud Webb Lives - Ta-Nehisi Coates --   
• Aug 25: Billionaires, bigotry and Barack by Stabroek staff - Stabroek News
• Aug 25: America Still Can't Accept a Black President - Mark Russell --Newser
• Aug. 25: Interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates - Ezra Klein - Hardball MSNBC
• Aug. 25: Racial politics, 'Fear of a Black President' - Chris Hayes --Up with Chris Hayes 
• Aug. 25: Fear of a Misreading of History - Blair Kelly -- profblmkelley
• Aug. 25: The Black Student Union Holds Court at 30 Rock - Ta-Nehisi Coates
• Aug 28: Oreo Obama? - Trentonian Editorial -- The Trentonian

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