Monday, April 23, 2012

New York City Journeys

Combine chess games in Greenwich Village with extended stops at the Strand Bookstore; throw in long walks in Harlem and Times Square; add visits to the Brooklyn Museum and Chinatown; include subway rides here and there; and try if you can to account for the extra, unexpected discoveries along the way and what you get is our annual African American literary studies and black studies trips to New York City.

The following entries provide our reflections and reporting on our NYC journeys.

NYC 2018
Black Power! exhibit at the Schomburg

NYC 2017

Ben McFall at the Strand
Visiting McNally Jackson bookstore
Small gifts from NYC  
A few images from NYC, 2016

NYC 2015 
At the Strand Bookstore
At the MoMA
Philosophical perambulations in NYC
We're a team, but not that kind of team
Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series by Jeremiah Carter

NYC 2013
Meeting Ben McFall at the Strand
Kacee's travel log  
Visiting the African Burial Ground
• Photos of Travelers in NYC 
A Journey to Queensbridge by Daniella Hall
A Journey to Queensbridge, Pt. 2 by Danielle Hall
Africans in India Exhibit at the Schomburg by Danielle Hall
Loïs Mailou Jones Art Exhibit at the Schomburg by Danielle Hall
NYC Subway Dance and Acrobatics by Danielle Hall
Arts and the City by Danielle Hall
Reading Harlem: Five Percent Nation & Hip Hop by Danielle Hall

Ashley Greenlee's Summer Journeys to Texas and NYC 
Walking 100 City Blocks in New York City
African Burial Ground: Blending Scholarship with New York City History
A Bookstore State of Mind
Smartphones, Black Studies, and NYC 
Harlem & Hue-Man Bookstore
Fear, Exploratory Confidence, and Black Women Travelers
Sighting Du Bois in Brooklyn
Love's Exquisite Freedom by Maya Angelou & Edward Burne-Jones
Daring Moments in NYC, 2009 & 2012
Randall Kennedy at Hue-man Bookstore in Harlem

Black Studies Contributor Participates in Enriching Summer Program in Texas, New York City 
Black Poetry at the Strand Bookstore
From Chicago (to SIUE) to NYC

The B-boy, Native Son Compromise
Filming in New York
The Wright Bench, Pt. 2
The Wright bench in Brooklyn
Photography and the City
Chess Lessons in NYC
Walking and Exploration in NYC
Black Studies @ Strand Bookstore
Black Studies @ SIUE in NYC...Again

A Rainy Day in Harlem
From C.H.I. to N.Y. 
Manhattan Reflections Addendum
Manhattan Reflections 
The New York Booklet
Energy of the City
Race Talk, Feminist Ideas, and Jazz
Chess and Lessons From Elder
Observing Travelers 
Memorable Moments in NYC
On the Move in NYC
Black Studies Writing New York

Assorted Notebooks

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