Friday, March 2, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in February 2012

A typical busy month of blogging. Well, really, the blogging did not feel busy, since I enjoyed the process so much.

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Early in the month, I did a series on poets Evie Shockley, Carolyn Rodgers, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, and Elizabeth Aleaxnder as well as on spoken word performances by our program contributors Danielle Hall and Cindy Lyles.  I also got a chance to write about Kevin Young and Tyehimba Jess and then later on topics related to the black arts era.

• February 27: A Need for More Poetry on the Web
• February 25: The greatest 10 years in African American literature 
• February 24: February 1965: A Defining Moment in the History of Black Poetry 
• February 23: Beyond Poetry: The Work of Black Artist-Poets
• February 22: Robert Hayden as a Black Arts (Era) Poet?  
 • February 20: The Golden Age of Anthologies featuring Black Poetry
• February 20: A Notebook on the Black Arts Era
• February 17: Tyehimba Jess: The Poet as Human iPod
• February 15: Blogging about Black Women Poets [Cindy Lyles]
• February 15: Black Poetry & the Young Dancers
• February 14: Mixed Media Poetry Exhibits
• February 14: Third Graders & African American Poetry
• February 12: Audio Recordings of African American Poets
• February 12: Kevin Young: The Poet as Creativity Machine
• February 11: Militancy in the works of Black Women Poets
• February 11: Black Women, Militancy, and Spoken Word Poetry 
• February 10: Elizabeth Alexander's Militant Nature Poem 
• February 9: The Militant Appeal of Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego Tripping”
• February 8: What Happens to Non-Award-Winning Poets?
• February 8: The Witty Militancy of Carolyn Rodgers's M.F. Poem
• February 7: The Radical Typography of Sonia Sanchez's Coltrane Poem
• February 6: Evie Shockley's Radical Typography
• February 5: Black Collegiate Women & the Power of Spoken Word Poetry
• February 5: The Enduring Presence of Black Arts Poets
• February 4: Why and How Poetry Struggles to Expand Its Audience
• February 3: 5 Reasons Tyehimba Jess's Leadbelly Matters
• February 2: 8 Black Arts Era Poets and 11 Name Changes
• February 2: A Notebook on the Black Arts Enterprise
• February 1: The Malcolm X Mixtape
• February 1: Blogging about Poetry in January 2012

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