Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in December 2011

Well, we finished the year strong as December turned out to be a good month for blogging about poetry. My contributors pitched in and assisted with writings about the Eugene B. Redmond Digital Collection. Toward the end of the month, I started producing wrap-ups and notebooks reflecting on the year in poetry.

I was also pleased to learn that Sonia Sanchez was appointed Poet Laureate of Philadelphia at the end of the year.

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• December 31: The Year in African American Poetry: A Chronology
• December  30: Sanchez, Black Arts Poet, Appointed Poet Laureate of Philly
• December 30: Reading Black & Radically: A Brief Reflection 
• December 30: The Coverage of Rita Dove's Anthology
• December  29: Calvin Forbes's "Talking Blues," a Favorite in 2011
• December 29: Blogging & Linking to Poetry Foundation Site in 2011
• December 28: The Poetry Foundation Site as a Vital Resource
• December 27: An Extended Notebook on the works of writers, artists & cultural workers
• December 27: Objectification and History in Derek Walcott's Omeros by Emily Phillips
• December  27: The Coverage of Michael Eric Dyson's Jay-Z Course
• December  27: A Notebook on the work of Kevin Young
• December 26: A Notebook on the work of Allison Joseph
• December 26: A Notebook on the work of Margaret Walker
• December 26: A Notebook on the Work of Evie Shockley
• December  26: Poetry News Coverage in 2011
• December 20: The Case for Kevin Young's Ardency
• December  19: African American Poetry on 2011 Best of Lists
• December 16: How Age Matters in the 'Rap as Poetry' Debate
• December  16: 100-plus Poems I Read & Re-Read (online) in 2011
• December 14: The Empowering Possibilities of Black Boys Writing, Reciting Rhymes
• December 13: Notes on the Black Books Book Sale
• December 12: Poetry & the black national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration
• December 10: Collegiate Black Men, Rap, and Poetry
• December 10: Blogging about Poetry in November 2011 
• December 9: Eugene B. Redmond: A Human Vertex By Cindy Lyles
• December 9: Divas of the 20th Century Awards Ceremony By Danielle Hall
• December 8: Poster for A 1974 Poetry Festival
• December 7: Notes on Adrian Matejka's "Fisticuffs"
• December  7: Katherine Dunham & EBR Digital Collection  By Danielle Hall
• December 7: Communal Inspirations & the EBR Digital Collection By Clarissa Richee
• December 6: Background on Eugene B. Redmond's Extensive Photographic Work
• December 5: Ntozake Shange & the EBR Digital Collection By Danielle Hall
• December 5: Metro East & the EBR Digital Collection By Clarissa Richee
• December 5: Redmond, Dunham & the EBR Digital Collection By Cindy Lyles
• December 5: Utilizing the EBR Digital Collection
• December 5: The EBR Digital Collection
• December 5: A Long Walk with Adrian Matejka & Jack Johnson 
• December 4: Recent Rap as Poetry Debates, Conversations
• December 3: The Poet as Essayist: Rita Dove's Response to Helen Vendler
• December 2: Margaret Walker, Struggle & Poetry magazine in the late 1930s
• December 1: A Renegade Woman: Margaret Walker's "Kissie Lee" by Cindy Lyles

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