Friday, October 7, 2011

Haley Scholars Fall Reading Groups

This fall, we're coordinating three reading groups as part of our work with approximately 125 Johnetta Haley Scholars. The Haley Leadership Academy is a program for students defined as under-represented. The Haley programs are facilitated by Earleen Patterson, who also directs the Student Opportunities for Academic Results (S.O.A.R.) program.

This year, our three different groups are reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, Gladwell's collection of essays What the Dog Saw, and Sheena Iyengar’s The Art of Choosing. The project is designed to:

● Stimulate increased intellectual activity among Haley Scholars
● Strengthen reading, writing, and web-based communication skills among participants
● Create opportunities for participants to collaborate on the implementation of intellectual service work

The reading schedules for the books are as follows:

A Community of Outliers - Introduction (Sept. 6)
Accumulative Advantages & Outliers - Chapter 1 (Sept. 20)
Outliers & the 10,000 Hour Rule - Chapter 2 (Oct. 4)
The Trouble with Outliers Pt. 1 - Chapter 3 (Oct. 18)
Outliers & Practical Intelligence - Chapter 4 (Nov. 1)
Outliers and Meaningful Work - Chapter 5 (Nov. 15)
The Lessons of Outliers, Pt. 1 - Reflections (Nov. 29)

What the Dog Saw   (facilitated by Cindy Lyles)
When the 'Trivial' Becomes Profound - “True Colors” (Sept. 13)
Whispers & Subtle Movements - “What the Dog Saw” (Sept. 27)
Borrowed or Stolen? - “Something Borrowed” (Oct. 11)
The Art of Failure” (Oct. 25)
The Talent Myth” (Nov. 8)
Troublemakers and the Category Problem (Nov. 29)

The Art of Choosing   (facilitated by Danielle Hall)
 The Art & Science of Making Choices - Chapter 1 (Sept. 14)
Choice & the Influence of Cultural Background - Chapter 2 (Sept. 28)
Songs of Ourselves - Chapter 3 (Oct. 12)
Choice Contexts & Informed Intuition - Chapter 4 (Oct. 26)
Values and Choice - Chapter 5 (Nov. 9)
Lessons in the Art of Choosing - Reflections (Nov.30)

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