Friday, October 7, 2011

20 Poems by Allison Joseph

A while back, we provided a list of 10 poems by Allison Joseph that appear online. Now, we've extended the list to 20 poems. 

"Pure Pop" By Allison Joseph. Oddity and Light

"Little Rascals" By Allison Joseph. Word Press.

"What Poetry is " By Allison Joseph. place in the stars

"Ruin: A Definition" By Allison Joseph. Hartnell College Homestead Review

"Poem as Gymnast" By Allison Joseph. Mezzo Cammin

"Postpartum" By Allison Joseph. Mezzo Cammin

"Makeover: Esmerelda's House of Beauty" By Allison Josep. Mezzo Cammin

"Accessible" By Allison Joseph. Connotation Press

"Ode to the Naked Mole Rat" By Allison Joseph. Silver of Stone magazine 

"The Truth about Public Transportation" By Allison Joseph. The Other Journal

"Thirty Lines about the Fro" originally published by River Styx.

"Sonnet for a Good Mood" on Woman Made Gallery.

"Souvenirs," "Disobedience," "Little Rascals" on Word Press site.

"Kitchen" on NPR (scroll down a bit to see the poem).

"Extraction" from Mayapple Press site.

"Elegy for the Personal Letter" on The Writer's Almanac site.

"Teenage Interplanetary Vixens Run Wild on Bikini Beach"
from The Writer's Almanac.

"Little Epiphanies" from Valparaiso Poetry Review.

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