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30 Anthologies featuring Black Poetry, 1968-1975

From the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, more than 75 anthologies featuring black poetry appeared. A large number of the anthologies included poems by poets associated with the black arts movement. Some of the anthologies also included works by older generations of writers, including Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Phillis Wheatley to name a few. 

The following list identifies some of the collections featuring verse published during the black arts era.

Adoff, Arnold, ed. I Am the Darker Brother: An Anthology if Modern Poems by Americans.
Chapman, Abraham, ed. Black Voices: An Anthology of Afro-American Literature.
Jones, LeRoi and Larry Neal, eds. Black Fire: An Anthology of Afro-American Writing.
Emanuel, James A. and Theodore Gross, eds. Dark Symphony.
Troupe, Quincy, ed. Watts Poets: A Book of New Poetry and Essays.

Adoff, Arnold, ed. City in All Directions; an Anthology of Modern Poems.
Alhamisi, Ahmed and Harun Kofi Wangara, eds. Black Arts: An Anthology of Black Creations.
Major, Clarence. Ed. The New Black Poetry.
Randall, Dudley, ed. Black Poetry: A Supplement to Anthologies Which Exclude Black Poets.
Randall, Dudley, and Margaret Burroughs, eds. For Malcolm: Poems on the Life and  Death of Malcolm X.
Turner, Darwin., ed. Black American Literature: Poetry.

Adams, William., ed. Afro-American Literature: Poetry.
Adoff, Arnold, ed. Black Out Loud: An Anthology of Modern Poems by Americans
Cade, Toni, ed. The Black Woman: An Anthology
Coombs, Orde, ed. We Speak as Liberators: Young Black Poets
Jordan, June, ed. Soulscript: Afro-American Poetry

Brooks, Gwendolyn, ed. Jump Bad: A New Chicago Anthology
Brown, Patricia, ed. To Gwen With Love: An Anthology Dedicated to Gwendolyn Brooks.
Randall, Dudley, ed. The Black Poets: A New Anthology.

Bell, Bernard W., ed. Modern and Contemporary Afro-American Poetry.
King, Woodie, ed. Black Spirits: A Festival of New Black Poets in America.
Robinson, William H., ed. Early Black American Poets: Selections With Biographies and Critical Introductions.

Adoff, Arnold, ed. The Poetry of Black America: An Anthology of the 20th Century.
Breman, Paul, ed. You Better Believe It: Black Verse in English from Africa, the West Indies and the United States.
Henderson, Stephen, ed. Understanding the New Black Poetry.
Patterson, Lindsay, ed. A Rock Against the Wind: Black Love Poems.

Exum, Pat Crutchfiled, ed. Keeping the Faith: Writings by Contemporary Black American Women.
Hopkins, Lee Bennet, ed. On Our Way: Poems of Pride and Love.

Quincy Troupe, ed. Giant Talk: An Anthology of Third World Writing
King, Woodie, ed. The Forerunners: Black Poets in America.

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