Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Poems (with Audio) by Black Poets on Poets.Org site

I have mentioned and listed links to some of the audio recordings of poets reading their works on the Poetry Foundation site. I also regularly check out the materials on Poets.org.

•  Gwendolyn Brooks - We Real Cool
•  Gwendolyn Brooks - The Lovers of the Poor
•  Lucille Clifton - homage to my hips
•  Lucille Clifton -  my dream about being white
•  Lucille Clifton - the lost women
• Terrance Hayes - At Pegasus
• Terrance Hayes - What I Am
• Langston Hughes - The Negro Speaks of Rivers
• Audre Lorde - A Song for Many Movements
• Quincy Troupe - The Day Duke Raised: May 24th, 1974

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