Sunday, May 2, 2010

Malcolm X Mixtape Showcase

At the end of the year, we usually produce a Black Studies Showcase to highlight and review the activities that we’ve done over the past several months. But, given the struggles black studies and black people face these days, we figured that a typical celebration and review might mute some of our actual feelings and frustrations. So instead of the usual reflections, we opted for the Malcolm X Mixtape Showcase last Tuesday, April 27th, an event featuring excerpts from our recent mixtape.

The mixtape includes artistic works by two of our contributors Dometi Pongo and Al Henderson. Two cooled out cats, Pongo and Henderson composed these raps and videos, respectively, full of fierce edginess and degrees of black consciousness that spoke in eloquent ways to the spirit of Malcolm.

In addition to giving us an opportunity to share these modern re-presentations of Malcolm-inflected artistic compositions and ideas, the showcase gave us an opportunity to bring our folks together for conversation at the end of the semester.

Father and Son attend the Showcase

The Legend of Al Henderson

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