Sunday, May 2, 2010

Father and Son attend the Showcase

Mr. Manuel and his son Vincent Manuel at the Mixtape Showcase

We informed folks in our circles to bring their friends and anyone else whom they thought might be interested in our Malcolm X Mixtape Showcase. I was both surprised and impressed that Vincent, one of newest participants, decided to bring his father, Lewis Manuel with him to the event.

What an honor it was for us to have both Vincent and Mr. Manuel there. It may have been one of the first times that we had a father and son attend one of our events.

Vincent and his father, both born and raised in East St. Louis, checked out our audio-visual showcase, and most importantly for me, we got the opportunity to exchange ideas about all kinds of things related to politics, music, poetry, ideas, sports, and travel. A good time with good people.

Mr. Manuel actually attended SIUE for a few years during the early 1970s, so he had connections to the university long before many of us. I enjoyed listening to him discuss black studies @ SIUE years before it was known as black studies at SIUE.

Before leaving, Mr. Manuel purchased one of our mixtapes to support our fundraising efforts. His big contribution, though, had already been made by taking the time to roll through and check us out.

The Malcolm X Mixtape Showcase
The Legend of Al Henderson

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