Saturday, May 22, 2010

Filming in New York

(Adrienne filming in Brooklyn)

Although our trip to New York comes at the end of the school year, I view our voyage as a beginning of sorts. The conversations and observations that we make during our time in the city end up influencing, if not energizing, some of what we do over the course of the subsequent semester.

Our homegirl Adrienne was busy collecting footage throughout the trip. When our regular session begins in the fall, I’m sure she’ll pull together some fresh compositions.

Her visits to museums and camera work last year became central to the contributions that she made to black studies projects during the fall and spring semesters. So I’m looking forward to what she’ll help us produce in the coming months.

Adrienne’s approach to filming while in New York was a serious and dedicated endeavor for her, similar perhaps to what Justin was doing with photography. Getting a photo like the one above is fairly easy since Adrienne is always so engaged with her work.

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